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Security Assured HIPAA-compliant Managed Security, I.T. support, and compliance consulting for serious companies.

Endpoint Security

From managed disk encryption to SIEM, we can reign in the Wild West of endpoint chaos. Defend your fleet against incoming threats, and safeguard your data against loss or theft. Keep your corporate assets close to home even as they roam free.

Cloud Backup When (not if) disaster strikes, you can rest assured you won’t lose any data if it’s all backed up offsite. Seamless, automatic, secure, in the background, whenever your machines are online.
Cloud Single-Sign-On Ditch your last in-house server! On- and offboard employees in seconds by creating one new account and letting the Cloud do the rest. Minimize your hackable Cloud footprint to a single, secured point. The efficiencies keep mounting!
Content Filtering & Reporting What are your employees actually doing on the Internet all day? Now you can find out, and blacklist specific sites or activities on the device level. Does Marketing cry foul because they need Facebook? That’s okay — you can whitelist it just for them… and for the CEO, of course.
Fleet Encryption After a military-grade lockdown of your computers, nobody except the authorized user will be able to even boot a machine. Except, of course, your I.T. administrators, using the decryption keys we’ll securely escrow for a rainy day.
Managed Antivirus From a centralized console, our team will make sure your machines have the latest virus protection, using anti-malware shields that provide near-perfect detection rates.
Mobile Device Management It’s no longer just about computers. Whether you’re deploying company-owned smartphones and tablets, or letting your employees bring their own, you’ve got options for ensuring those devices are kept standardized and compliant with company security policies, so nobody walks with your data. Lost a device? Remote wipe to the rescue!
Patch Management Ensure your computer fleet is kept updated with the latest operating system and application patches. Our team will evaluate and approve critical updates weekly. Worried about interruptions? Your employees will be able to delay non- critical updates until convenient times.
Standardized Security Configurations We’ll ensure, via automation, that every computer in your fleet has a standardized security configuration, including complex passwords, password-protected screen savers, a standardized company administrator account, and more. Almost anything that is configurable can be automatically enforced across your entire fleet.
Vulnerability Scanning How do you know yesterday’s equipment protects against ever-emerging threats? We’ll silently scan your network perimeter monthly, testing whether your company is vulnerable to newly-discovered exploits, and fixing high-urgency vulnerabilities when discovered.

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